Garden Guides

The Central Coast of California is a gardener’s paradise. The mild marine climate is ideal for gardening, whether you’re planting herbs, vegetables or flowers. Our healthy seedlings are ready to go into the garden or pots. Plant the seedlings in well-prepared soil as early as possible after the danger of frost has passed to give plants time to acclimate with the warming weather and to provide the longest growing season possible.

Growing Herbs

Herbs are very easy to grow and thrive in sunshine, moderate watering, soil that drains well, with a little fertilizer or compost. Herbs can be grown in containers or planted in a sunny area of your garden.  go to growing herbs »


Growing Vegetables

Find out how to keep your plants healthy and vigorous with our growing guides. Learn how to prepare your soil, when, where and how to plant vegetable seedlings, and you’ll be harvesting from your garden in no time!   go to growing vegetables »


Container Growing

No space for a garden? Container gardening is ideal for those limited to a deck or balcony or a want convenient way to garden. Herbs, flowers and vegetables are easy to grow in pots, tubs and other containers. go to container growing »


Soil and Garden

Healthy, fertile soil is a network of living organisms, bacteria and fungi. A vibrant soil food web is key to successful gardening. Improving your garden soil is an ongoing effort, but will pay dividends for seasons to come.  go to soil and garden »