Our Products

We offer an outstanding selection of heirloom and hybrid plant varieties that have been hand selected for flavor and quality as well as local growing conditions, vigor and disease resistance. We watch for new trends in both the nursery and culinary industries and enjoy sourcing unusual and hard-to-find plant varieties for our valued customers. Started from seeds or cuttings, seedlings can  be transplanted when their growing needs require it. Starts can be purchased in 6-pack containers and 4-inch pots, ready to be taken home and planted in either containers or prepared beds.


Herbs are very easy to grow in pots, window boxes, or in the garden. Once you get used to having fresh herbs on hand for cooking, you’ll readily agree that fresh herbs are a vast improvement over dried herbs in the pantry.  go to herbs »



Peppers are native to the Americas and comprise a major part of many ethnic foods around the world. They are easy to grow and most are pest resistant. Upstarts offers a wide selection of pepper varieties. go to peppers »    – or –    go to chile peppers »


Upstarts grows over 50 different varieties of tomatoes and most will do well in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas. We suggest growing a few different varieties to enjoy fresh in salads, drying, or cooking in sauces.  go to tomatoes »



Planting a vegetable garden has many benefits including a steady supply of clean, healthy, organic vegetables, picked fresh when you want to cook, and no refrigerator waste! It doesn’t get any better than that.  go to vegetables »