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Rain Has Arrived … Finally!

Baking on a cool, wet November morning is one of the truest comforts of home. I decided today was the day to harvest the Winter Luxury pumpkins in my garden and bake pumpkin pies for my family. Winter Luxury pumpkins are my favorite pie pumpkins with their sweet, rich flavor and velvety texture.

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Swiss Chard — A Powerhouse of Nutrition

Swiss Chard (beta vulgaris cicla), a leafy green annual also known as spinach-chard or silverbeet, originated in the Mediterranean region, but was given its botanical name by a botanist to distinguish the chard plant from another similarly named plant and does not represent the origin of the plant.

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Build Your Own Rainwater Collection System

Whether you use a large barrel positioned under downspout, or create a more elaborate well-designed system connected to the gutters of the roof, capturing rainwater and water conservation should be a top priority for everyone who loves to garden.

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